Advertising on My Outsourced Brain

My Outsourced Brain is a relatively new site which has been going through a lot of growth. According to its Alexa ranking, the site is now within the top 120,000 sites in the US and within the top 100,000 sites in several countries countries.

Articles conform to a high standard of quality. Topics are diverse, though mostly technology and blogging related. Recent articles have been focused on blogger tips, including several useful blogger widgets, however there are also many articles on linux, phd research, and software. You can also find topics of general interest such as lifestyle, and occasional book reviews.
Ads will appear in the sidebar on the upper half of every page of the site in a box marked "Sponsors." Currently there is one ad-spot available for a button of 125x125 pixels.
We don't want ads about weight loss, nor such as "you are visitor number 999,999! You win!" We will reject that are badly designed and contain spelling errors. In our opinion, ads should contribute to the user experience and harmonize thematically and aesthetically with the site content. If that's the case for your ad, we will be glad to hear from you.
Upon receiving your information we will contact you with more details. Display duration starts counting from when the ad is live.