Dec 16, 2010

Disqus Comments on this Blog

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In an earlier article on the importance of comments for a blog I summarized studies about blog comments, concluding that blog comments lead to more traffic, better search engine optimization (SEO), apart from being personally rewarding to the blog writer. I worked on many optimizations for this blog to make commenting more attractive. Recently I made a major change on this blog and changed the commenting system. My blog continues to be a "do-follow" blog and I am positive this blog will benefit from the change both in terms of SEO and comment quality. In this post I explain my motivation and reasoning behind this change.

Image credit: My Comment Line, Call me! By greggoconnell.

The best comment systems for blogs in my opinion are echo, disqus, coComment, and Intense Debate. There are many other systems, for example on earlier occasion I showed integration of google wave as a discussion forum, which was also quite feature-rich, however, I think these four are the best for bloggers. They provide integration with the most popular blogging platforms, comfortable editing, moderation and editing of comments, integration with social networks, threaded comments, social reactions (trackbacks), and many other features. All except Echo offer a basic subscription free of charge with an offer of additional paid features as a business model.

In contrast, the blogger commenting system is uncomfortable and clunky, and misses out on many features that other comment systems have, for example, I've written before about a workaround to correct the blogger comment count and if you really want to export all your blog posts as a single file, edit this file, and re-import, is possible to change comments. I think the commenting system in blogger is one of the biggest drawbacks of the blogger platform and this was one of my motivations to review alternative blogging platforms.

Notwithstanding these shortcomings, I was reluctant to replace it with another system because of SEI reasons. The only integration in blogger with third-party commenting systems are based on javascript and this would mean that search engines would not integrate content from comments in their indexes (although there are some solutions to this issue). Also I didn't want to slow down page loading even more javascript on my site and incur a penalty with search engine rankings.

Disqus and Echo, both, for some time now already synchronize comments with blogger which means that you don't loose SEO any more from comments. Comments will be taken into account for search engine indexing. It also means that if you reward commentators with "do-follow" links as I do, you can continue to do so. The reason is that comment synchronization with blogger means that comments are first printed by blogger and then replaced by the other commenting system. This means that in spite using javascript to pull comments from another site at loading time you will probably not loose out on SEO. The synchronization means also that you can continue to use your comment feeds as before with all your existing widgets.

I am concerned a lot about effectiveness in social networking and I've written before about how to add social networking features for blogs and how to install and customize a social networking toolbar. I am therefore very glad that that another advantage of third-party commenting tools is that they integrate with social networks. Readers of this blog will now be able to log in using facebook, twitter, yahoo, disqus, and openid. Facebook, Twitter are two of the most used social networking sites. As of December 2010, Facebook holds a share of 44 percent among services supported by addthis and twitter holds around 9 percent, and login via these two makes it much faster for people to leave a comment. In fact, according to data by gigya, when given a choice of different ID providers for login, 46 percent of users tend to choose facebook, 17 percent google, 14 percent twitter, 13 percent yahoo, 7 percent myspace. With the new login options I think I can offer a better match to what people want. Furthermore comments can now be syndicated over twitter if the commentator wants to.

I am positively surprised at the speed of the loading of comments. People from disqus did a great job in optimizing page loading. I also got rid of some other code, so I am not so much worried about the speed.

Enjoy. Please test out my new comment system below, tell me of your experiences, and give me some feedback. 


  1. It's interesting that Disqus is good for search-engine optimisation. When I am posting comments on sites I get really frustrated when I run into Disqus. I created a Disqus profile a year ago but I can't remember what it is - so I often find myself unable to post a comment on an (apparently) 'dofollow' blog because they require me to use Disqus.

    This site seems to use OpenID as well as Disqus, though, so I shouldn't have any trouble posting THIS comment!

  2. Hi David, welcome to this blog and thanks for your comment. You can log in via facebook, twitter, disqus, yahoo, and open-id. I just logged in over open-id and my comment should be do-follow.

  3. I like Disqus as a user because I can track all my conversations in one place. I'm not too concerned with SEO since Google is also now tracking things like usage and social indicators which Disqus would factor into anyway. It is also nice that Disqus helps reduce spam.

  4. Comment tracking and moderation is a strong argument for disqus. I like also that it shows some trackbacks from social media which blogger does not a good job with. My argument I tried to make was that by increasing comment quality and reducing spam your site would become more SEO-friendly.

  5. I am confused why you say your blog is still do-follow as Disqus does not allow for dofollow commenting. And in-fact the comments on the site are now no-follow.

  6. This seems to be confusing to many people. In fact this was an important point to me and one that I discussed in the post. I invite you to use a no-follow browser plugin to check. Currently, in the source code of this page the link "Admin" (which you put up with your comment) looks like the following: <a href='' rel='dofollow'&rt;Admin</a&rt;. This means it is do-follow. The explanation which I gave in the post is that disqus does synchronize comments with blogger. Do-Follow is possible with Disqus. Congratulation, you have a pagerank 3 backlink.

  7. lol...OWNED.

    "Congratulation, you have a pagerank 3 backlink."

    Thanks for making known to some what most do not comprehend...Disqus CAN be dofollow...

  8. It would be nice to have the comments do follow, but unfortunately Disquis does not allow this :/

  9. I was tempted to flag your comment as spam (the next one with the same content will be flaged such). Please see other comments and post, before you make these statements. This is clearly incorrect as explained before.

  10. Yea truly this is the only thing goes wrong for disqus that they dont allow do follow comments

  11. I've read a lot of reviews on blogs regarding disqus and I think these reviews are interesting. It makes me really want to take a closer look on disqus. It looks cool, neat and also organized. So, I guess I will be considering it for the blogs that I'm planning to put up. It's also good to know that it can be dofollow.

  12. I love using Disqus it is so useful and it enables you to manage your comments easier.

  13. Disqus is best one for commenting abd also easily discussed with others, lots of blog commenter's are love onlt this disqus blogs. thanks

  14. disqus blogs are nice to use and best for comments and discuss with others. lots of peoples likes only this disqus blogs. thanks

  15. Good way to pick up your page ranking.


  16. Disqus is not fair for commenters. I am going to remove it very soon.

  17. The links are nofollow from our sites but dofollow from the disqus login page.

  18. Yes,I agree that blog comments leads to more traffic visits,and it improves better Search engine optimization .Most people select only social networking sites for optimization.It has more effectiveness than others.Thanks foe sharing this useful information.

  19. Hi, how did you do that comment synchronization? On my blog comments cannot be seen on the page source, it's all javascript..

  20. it's one of discus' functionalities. Go to discus tools and under Import Comments you can choose to sync. Then, in blogger you might want to switch off the comment moderation and enable comment by anonymous.

  21. Thanks Benjamin, figured it out now.

  22. It is true. I show the evidence on my site if anyone seriously wants to investigate it. I don't like to waste anyone's time

  23. I don't mean disrespect, but not wasting anyones time goes both ways. That you are not able to do it does not mean it is impossible. By the way, you are posting comments to an article, where this is explained.

  24. Don't worry about it. If someone can show me who to make all Disqus links dofollow that would be great. I don't see Disqus give us that option. I will be using something else pretty soon if I can't find the solution because many of my commenters want this

  25. nic thing.. and usefull thing....)

  26. Hi,
    ya its true ..that by default disqus comments are not having property of "dofollow" but i don think that we cant modify it to "dofollow" coz if you look on the comment body part, only moderator can edit the comments from disqus moderation panal where he can change links to "dofollow" from default("nofollow") it means .. moderator can decide which link he wants to b "dofollow" and which to "nofollow".

  27. Your comment system is very good :-) the stats regarding Facebook as the most popular choice is interesting I wounder if they will increase for 2011

  28. This is funny, because I see that your blog comments are indeed nofollow links. Which actually matters about at the level of pigeon poo to me from an SEO standpoint. Nofollow / dofollow is not even on my RADAR when it comes to commenting on a blog, and the type of link is not any part of my SEO strategy whatsoever. Not even a teeny tiny bit. I have some pretty significant experience in this area, and it really does not matter to me.

    I made it here because one of your commenters was recently spewing absurdities on one of my blogs about nofollow / dofollow in my Disqus comments I see he is hitting you up for nofollow links, too. ;-)

    I am not calling your commenter (Phil) a comment spammer just yet, because I like Phil and think he sometimes has something worth saying. I just think he need to get his SEO priorities straight and understand that good communication, earning a good reputation, and providing something worth linking to is a lot more valuable than a commenting "strategy" for ranking.

    What do you have to say, Phil? Oh yeah ... you don't want people to know your real name.

    Well, maybe Phil will answer, and maybe not.


    Thanks so much for this! I haven't been this moved by a blog for a long time! You’ve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, You are definitely someone that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people!

  30. I personally like blog commenting because I get to learn a lot of things rather than simply doing copy and paste submissions which I also did in the past. Additionally, I consider blog commenting educational and not boring. For me it's the smartest SEO.

  31. I just like Disqus to comment because it has many features that i like most which are easy to handle, integrate and handle the comments. you can change the comments by admin panel at any time.

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  34. I get to discover many of things other than easily managing exact duplicate and paste submissions which I furthermore did in the past. Additionally, I address blog commenting informative and not boring. For me it's the smartest SEO.

  35. I like this disqus blog because disqus comment blog is very easy to understand and I really like this . I use disqus blog for commenting.

  36.  Cool, so if I make different label feeds, will my feed counter show the combined total readers?

  37. I like this blog because Disqus Disqus comment on the blog is very easy to understand, and I really like this. I Disqus blog comment.

  38. Disqus is a great tool, more blogs should use it. It helps to promote discussion and debate from a variety of different places on the internet.

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  40. Disqus is really neat. There are a lot of other tools like disqus. I'm still deliberating if I should use another tool or just stay with disqus.

  41. Disqus is one of the more popular commenting tools at the moment and it's easy to see why. With simple integration to the major social networks it's very easy to use and because it links to a persons social account I believe that you are going to get better quality comments.

  42. Disqus is one of the more popular commenting tools at the moment and it's easy to see why. With simple integration to the major social networks it's very easy to use and because it links to a persons social account I believe that you are going to get better quality comments.

  43. Actually, its good Technic for commenting and gets approved faster.

  44. Disqus is one of the more popular commenting tools at the moment and it's easy to see why. With simple integration to the major social networks it's very easy to use and because it links to a persons social account I believe that you are going to get better quality comments.

  45. right now i also used disqus for my blog integrated with CMS Drupal. looks like it make my blog more lighter and easier to manage all comments.

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  48. There are a lot of other tools like disqus. I'm still deliberating if I should use another tool or just stay with disqus.

  49. yeah i like disqus too. thank you for the insightful article

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  51. I think Disqus is all about alteration the way humans anticipate about altercation on the web. We’re big believers in the conversations and communities that anatomy on blogs and added sites. 

  52. I am not a fan of Disqus.

  53. I luv getting comments – it’s an addiction burning like fire – every
    time I hear my alert (thunderbird) I silently scream. If you want to
    build an awesome connection with your community, then you have to
    respond to them….

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  55. From all of these commenting systems I personally like disqus
    because it gives more freedom and flexibility to moderate comments. Echo is my
    second priority and I always prefer to use Disqus. I have more than 3 blogs
    running and I have integrated Disqus on all of them. I would like to reward dofollow
    links to all those who frequently read my blog and share comments. But Disqus
    only provides nofollow links so can anyone tell me how to make it a dofollow?

  56. From all of these commenting systems I personally like disqus
    because it gives more freedom and flexibility to moderate comments. Echo is my
    second priority and I always prefer to use Disqus. I have more than 3 blogs
    running and I have integrated Disqus on all of them. I would like to reward dofollow
    links to all those who frequently read my blog and share comments. But Disqus
    only provides nofollow links so can anyone tell me how to make it a dofollow?

  57. From all of these commenting systems I personally like disqus
    because it gives more freedom and flexibility to moderate comments. Echo is my
    second priority and I always prefer to use Disqus. I have more than 3 blogs
    running and I have integrated Disqus on all of them. I would like to reward dofollow
    links to all those who frequently read my blog and share comments. But Disqus
    only provides nofollow links so can anyone tell me how to make it a dofollow? 

  58. I love disqus, easy to use for both the commented and comentee.

  59. It is true. I show the evidence on my site if anyone seriously wants to investigate it.

  60. I think better is to give backlinks from you post's bio not from comments.....:)

  61.  I tried Facebook comments plugin for a short while on my blog. But, found that Disqus was far better than Facebook comments. So, I have reverted to Disqus. However, I believe in dofollow commenting. There should be a turn on-off feature in Disqus for making comments dofollow or nofollow. 

  62. I like disqus also. No need to sign in to separate blogs!

  63.  I am a great fan of Disqus :)

  64. DISQUS is cool but I worried about loading time

  65. There is no doubt that disqus is one of the best comment platform, but there are many people who claim that disqus do not pass link juice.

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  71. Good point. I wrote a script for loading on demand to get around this problem. It seems to work well with most browsers, even though it might need a revision. You should be able to find it by searching this blog for "javascript loading on demand"

  72. Even on this blog. Mostly from people who are lazy to check themselves and read neither the post nor the comments. Some people might say reading your comment that you could be one of them ;). Cheers. 

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  82. Trying to put an HTML anchor in this comment: Forge of Empires. So, did it work?

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  84. Yes it did. Disqus has a page on their help center that shows the supported HTML elements in the comments.

  85. Yes, I have looked into some of the comment's source code, and it has rel="nofollow" added to links automatically.

  86. Yes, that sounds like a good idea to have a setting for that in the admin panel. I think that is a good suggestion for the Disqus team.

  87. Quick question: Why does this page refresh every 600 seconds? You do know that comments update in real time, right?

  88. Go here:
    Make sure that you select the right forum. In that page, you should get a button that says to sync comments back to Blogger.

  89. Ok, look at this link. If you open your web inspector, it is rel="nofollow". I'm not lying to you, I can attach a screenshot if you need to.

  90. You looked for nofollow, but did you look for dofollow?
    To be more verbose: the dofollow is part of the blogger XML code, as explained in the post. Therefore, a comment has to pass the two layers, the disqus front-end, where you can write the comments, and the blogger back-end, which displays some of the comments. If the comments are tagged as spam by blogger, they are consequently not dofollow.

  91. The thing is that I don't have syncing back to Blogger enabled for Disqus. Disqus should support that feature anyways. Subject: [myoutsourcedbrain] Re: Disqus Comments on this Blog

  92. It is important that you use quality commenting system in your blog and i believe that disqus is among the best choices. However, Ive never encountered th fact which "healthy snacks for weight loss" said that disqus does not pass link juice? How true is this???

  93. I have tried both Livefyre and Disqus and I prefer Disqus. I could not get my comments to export into Livefyre for some reason. It also was not as easy to log in for me. I then struggled to get my account set up as it kept me logged in as my other blog account which was very frustrating. So, I prefer Disqus and for those searching for link juice. Of course that helps your website, but it can hurt the website owner too. Especially with so much spam. I feel it is important for people to comment because they are interested in what I have to say and want to participate in the conversation, not in order to earn link juice back to their site. Great post.

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