Nov 15, 2009

Embed Google Wave in Blogger

Google wave. From YouTube - Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009Yesterday I received an invite for google wave, google's new communication tool that had the potential to unify all of their services. I wanted to try how to embed a google wave in blogger. After some tinkering and trying I had it. Here it goes.

Image taken from Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009. Credit: Rambling Librarian at Flickr.

You can find a very nice introduction to google wave at mashable.

How to embed a google wave in blogger? Take these steps:

1. Create a wave in your wave client and make it public by sharing with or (if the former doesn't work)

2. Share your wave with embeddy, it's wave address is

3. Embeddy gives you all the necessary code.

4. Put the code into your post or into an HTML/javascript widget in the sidebox.

Below you'll see a wave that I embedded. You might not see the wave if you don't have an account with google wave (btw, I have some invites left).

Please participate in the wave below!

If you want to embed the wave below yourself, take this code:

<div id="wave" style="width: 100%; height: auto">

<script type="text/javascript">
  var wave =
    new WavePanel('');
  wave.setUIConfig('white', 'black', 'Arial', '13px');

Enjoy. Please leave a comment below for questions and suggestions or ask for invites.


  1. I haven't ever heard of google wave before I'm going over to check it out now thanks for the wonderful post.

  2. Wave is pretty cool. From the surveys I've seen I think most people who tried wave think it has a lot of future.

  3. Thanks for the information. It will come in handy for me since I use blogger. Thanks for your post!

  4. I think a google wave would be great for many things, for example discussion forums, etc. Now that more and more people have accounts it would even be practical to do so.

  5. Never try Google Wave yet but it looks promising

  6. Google wave certainly is promising. Just wait a bit, but not too long ;). Google wave is integrating more and more of google's services and now other companies are beginning to use wave's funcionalities and to extend them.

  7. Google Wave is great tool for online communication. I still have the invitations if any one of you need one.
    Please check it on my blog, its a giveaway from me.

  8. I also still have invitations, if anyone needs.

  9. hello, thank you for your code...
    i am experiencing a little bug with it in blogger, when i try to save my html code i've got this XML error message: "The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

    help needed please. ;-)

    niche one way link service

  10. @Neil: If you put this code into an HTML/javascript widget in blogger it should work as it is. If you put it into a post or in the template you need to convert HTML special characters, for example < becomes &lt;. See my post about embedding code in HTML for more details and links.

  11. Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

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